Innovational Music Center

Do you want to learn to play a musical instrument?

Musical courses enrollments are reopened at all from 6 years old.

Active courses:

  • Musical Preparatory (teachers: Erica Paravan - Anna Prearo)
  • Flute (teacher: Federica Cecotti - Anna Prearo)
  • Oboe (teacher: Mariangela Bullitta)
  • Clarinet (teachers: Rachele Rognoni - Valentina Sbicego)
  • Saxophone (teacher: Francesco Palmino)
  • Trumpet (teacher: Andrea Bonaldo)
  • Horn (teacher: Simone Zanello)
  • Euphonium / Trombone / Tuba (teacher: Mauro Puntin)
  • Drums & Percussion Instruments (teachers: Daniele Furlan - Alessandro Masau)
  • Electric Guitar (limited number) / Bass Guitar (teacher: Francesco Marzona)
  • "Musica d'Insieme" (teachers: Francesco Palmino - Anna Prearo)

For information and enrollments you can visit us every Wednesday from 8.30 pm at the band headquarters in Borgnano (via Puccini - behind primary school) or you can call in the evening to the phone number 338/8986733.

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